World’s Saddest Cowboy

Indie Rock


7:00 pm - Saturday, 20 May

Worlds Saddest Cowboy is a new alt-rock band based out of Brisbane.

Hailing from Far North Queensland, the band started in 2022. As Harry Griffin (songwriter and singer) started independently creating music, after disbanding his previous project. Turning to long-time friends, Flynn O’Leary (Rhythm Guitar), Alistair Cockeron (Lead Guitar), Abi Horspool (Bass) and long-time collaborator and friend Hayden Dunlop (Drums and Sound Director) to establish a passionate and driven ensemble.

The band found their roots in the local scene in Townsville. Being surrounded by like-minded musicians nurtured the “World’s Saddest Cowboy” sound into a meld of sentimental indie-folk, complimented by droning emo tones. The band centres its focus on creating familiar sounds that have matured with the band’s collective taste.

Earlier this year, the band released their debut double single “Cairns 2022“. Written by Harry on a musical hiatus, the songs provided an emotional release that acted as a catalyst for the project itself. Upon returning to Brisbane, Mason Rowley (Arches) was approached to polish and produce, following this Hayden Dunlop mastered the tracks. Debuting in Townsville supporting friends in Late November, the band is excited to produce a connection to audiences through cathartic live performances.