Good Grief



7:00 pm - Saturday, 20 May

Despite growing up thousands of miles apart, a 2022 jam session between Jake and Felix revealed their taste in music couldn’t be closer. From Dilla to Chic, the pair draws inspiration and influence; combining this with their love for modern dance music, the stage was set for collaboration. The multi-instrumentalists started producing music together with no pressure on the outcome, but that quickly changed as they both realised this was an avenue they both wanted to pursue seriously. Their well of influence oozes through when listening to Good Grief’s music, blending delay-dredged synths with groove-driven rhythms and melodies while always looking for ways to move the body.

No strangers to the stage, both Jake and Felix are at home performing in front of a crowd. Felix, originally from New Zealand / Aotearoa, has spent the last decade performing to sold-out crowds around the world as a professional dancer. Jake, who comes from tropical North Queensland, has been producing music and playing it at festivals and clubs around Australia and New Zealand since he laid hands on his very first Juno. This coming together consistently and persistently aims to evoke emotions and memories that are both familiar and ambiguous enough for the listener to create their own. narratives around the meaning of each song. Good Grief’s music has no bounds when it comes to sitting in a specific mould or mood, and the future only looks brighter for these sonic explorations.