Art vs Science

Electronic/DJ, Indie Pop


9:30 pm - Friday, 19 May


Art vs Science are an Australian trio whose rough and ready dance-pop initially compared favourably toacts like Daft Punk, Justice and the Beastie Boys. Their latest single “Sweat” was produced and mixed by The Presets’ Kim Moyes, who brought an unmistakable boogie influence and high calibre production. Its message of getting back into a sweaty crowd and dancing will resonate with thousands as the post-COVID era slowly emerges. The band is now gearing up for a year of touring and releasing.

With their insistence on playing everything 100% “live”, Art vs Science has developed a reputation for outstanding live shows; weaving intricate dance arpeggios – played by human hands – with real drums, real presence, and a bass sound that is uniquely their own. Dan Mac, Dan W and Jim Finn’s clear musicality is empowered by a collection of random keyboards plugged into huge guitar amplifiers and pedals which inspired one critic to call them “AC/DC with keyboards”.